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Intuitive, Dream and Body Readings

Each session is unique and created especially for you. Includes intuitive guidance, personal coaching and meditation. Receive a personalized artistic sketch/drawing that carries the energy of your session and serves as a reminder of your dream.

Energy and Oils​

Personalized sessions based around intuitive insights, empathic body reading, and your individual goals. Includes energy work, reflexology and other methodologies appropriate for your personalized session. Aromatouch, Symphony of Cells and other essential oil techniques may be added (additional cost may apply). 


Body Readings and Energy Healing​

Receive an empathic body reading and energy work session. You'll leave with insights to your health, healing, and balance.

Dream / Oracle/ Body Integration Classes​

Interesting and life-changing things happen when we share our dreams and challenges together. A variety of group classes are available and can be personalized to you and your group of fellow dreamers and creators. Price varies depending on class length, size and how often we meet. Each group is unique, so let us know what you'd like to create and we will make it happen together.

Dream Portrait - Art Piece & Reading​

Allow Audra to dream for you or expand and enrich sketches from previous sessions. An interview will be scheduled to discuss the intention and goal of the dream, then it will be taken into the dream space.  The images and information obtained will be turned into a personalized piece of art (The number of weeks to complete will depend on the artistic medium used and size of art piece). Once complete a final intuitive dream session will be shared with you.

Prices vary.

Mentoring Program

​Clarity, direction and support for the spiritually gifted.
Yes, sometimes Psychics need Psychics too! Allow me to share my gifts and experiences to assist in finding balance within your body, family and business with your gifts all woven together. You deserve the joy of living your unique magic.

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