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Rainbow Children

How many of you know how special your children are? Not in the "normal" miracle way, but in the, "Oh, my goodness, my child sees and knows things way beyond the average!" Well, one thing I know, being a parent of one such child, is that it takes special parents to raise one of these sweet vibrant rainbows.

We, as their parents, have gifts as well. We probably have gone down a long road of struggle with them to boot...maybe some of us still are. What is cool about that is that due to our road, the struggles, the lessons, the adventures - we can now see these babies for what they truly are; change makers, "normal" breakers, knowledge sharers, healers and more.

So what recommendations do I have to share? From my road, I see us parents as the super sidekicks, The Advocates (That should be a Super Hero movie title if there ever was one)! We acknowledge their gifts. We are there when they are scared to reassure them they aren't crazy and that "weird" means spiritual (look it up)! "So, be proud when someone calls you that! Say thank you!" you say as you wipe the tears.

Also know that when you have absolutely no clue, there are others out there, just like you (can you tell I just finished reading an old Dr. Seuss book! ha ha). If there is interest, we will be gathering and having a parents of magical kids group coming soon...maybe even on Zoom (sorry, can't help myself!)! Let us know if you are interested and know that you are amazing!

Keep up your superhero work! They deserve it!

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