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My Story

I am a body and dream intuitive, empath, mystic, artist, shaman, and teacher. Born an extreme empath and clairvoyant dream-walker, I'm able to see into the world of dreams, bodies, and dimensions both asleep or awake.
These abilities have allowed me to have a successful 22+ year career as a massage therapist (working with pregnant women, babies and those with chronic or terminal illness and their families), Reiki practitioner, essential oil and wellness coach, artist, photographer, and graphic designer. I was also a corporate trainer and Human Resources professional for over 20 years in addition to being a wife, mother, chef, gardener.
There is never a dull moment in my life and I am always in a state of gratitude and awe when I witness the miracles God has created for us to discover, in the world and in each other.
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My Passions


Sharing my gifts and visions, bring clarity, peace, joy, health, ease and connection into my life’s journey and I hope it will bring them to you as well. My true passion is encouraging and expanding the gifts of others; current alternative practitioners and those just discovering and exploring their gifts ~ mentoring and being present with them as they step into their true state of Being-ness.
I teach dream, visioning and other classes in addition to holding private healing and intuitive sessions in a number of locations in the Salt Lake Valley, Idaho and remotely from anywhere in the world with internet or cell service.
Connect with me to schedule a session or class so we can:
  • Explore dreams and waking synchronicities
  • Use visions and meditation journeys to recreate your reality
  • Connect with your own gifts and natural abilities
  • Receive deep insights, health, healing, and freedom in your body and your life



One who works with and within dreams and other dimensions to understand, to create, to heal and gaining information to assist others.
It can involve lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying, conscious dreaming, and different types of meditation. Some dreamwalkers are able to enter the dreams/visions of others to give needed advice or spiritual assistance.
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